September Newsletter!

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Toni Thrift My First Job

Meet Toni Thrift, case manager at Employment North for over seven years! Check out this short video all about Toni’s first job, what she learned, how it brought her to where she is today and more! Thanks so much for the awesome video Toni! 😎 👌 💯

Donna Sedore My First Job

Meet Donna Sedore, the executive director at Employment North! Tune into this short two-minute video about Donna’s first job, what she learned, and how it’s lead her to where she is today! Thanks for the awesome video, Donna!

Welcome, Jesh!

Meet Jesh. Jesh is the workshop facilitator at the Sundridge and Gravenhurst Employment North, Sone of the workshops include Personality Dimensions, Job Success, Service Excellence, Resume and cover letter building and so much more! We appreciate your hard work and dedication to Employment North Jesh! When did you start with Employment North? Late March, early … Continue reading Welcome, Jesh!

Partner Profile

The Ontario Disability Employment Network is a professional body of employment service providers united to increase employment opportunities for people who have a disability. With over 100 member agencies, all in the business of helping people with a disability get into the workforce. Members from all across the province and support people of all disability … Continue reading Partner Profile

Valuable Resources

Career Cruising Career Cruising is an amazing website that engages and inspires people of all ages to achieve their full potential in school, career and life. By creating innovative self-exploration and planning software to engage people in the process of building their future, career cruising allows people to explore all of their options. If Career … Continue reading Valuable Resources

Employment North’s July Newsletter!

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