Employer Benefits of Apprenticeship

Mechanic and apprentice working on car

Apprenticeship programs offer many unique benefits to employers:

  • Participating in an apprenticeship program ensures you will have an employee who is not only trained to provincial industry standards but also understands your unique workplace conditions
  • Apprenticeship training allows you to benefit from the government-supported in-class training portion of the program, while supporting your future workforce needs and those of your industry.
  • An apprenticeship program allows you to have within your company a pool of experienced employees of different ages so that you will be better able to plan to meet future workforce needs due to expansion plans or the retirement of older trades persons.
  • Recruiting potential apprentices through the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program can also be a cost-effective solution to training and retaining young workers.
  • A recent survey of apprentices found that participants developed a loyalty to the company that hired them, which leads to a more stable workforce.

Apprenticeship Training Tax Credit

The Apprenticeship Training Tax Credit (ATTC) is a refundable tax credit for corporations and unincorporated businesses employing apprentices in certain skilled trades during the first 48 months of an apprenticeship program.

Who Can Participate?

The tax credit is available to businesses that:

  • have permanent establishments in Ontario
  • are subject to Ontario Income Tax
  • incur eligible expenditures in training apprentices in designated skilled trades

For further details on eligibility requirements and the list of designated skilled trades, refer to the tax credit bulletin or contact the Ministry of Revenue, Tax Advisory Services Branch at (905) 837-3814.

How Can I Access the Apprenticeship Training Tax Credit?

Corporations may claim the tax credit on Schedule T2SCH552 and file it with their T2 Corporation Income Tax Return. Employers operating unincorporated businesses may claim the credit on Form ON479, Ontario Credits, included in their personal income tax return.
Members of partnerships claim their share of the credit on their own corporate or personal tax returns.

Need more information?

Visit the Apprenticeship Training Tax Credit page, or contact the Ministry of Revenue, Tax Advisory services Branch at (905) 837-3814.

Each year, the Ontario government salutes employers who hire and train apprentices and contribute to the apprenticeship training system. Learn more about the Minister’s Apprenticeship Employer Recognition Awards.

To find out more about becoming an Apprenticeship Employer speak to one of our Employment North Counsellors in our South River or Gravenhurst offices.