Getting the Interview

My name is Janet Volpe and I have been working at Employment North for 16 years. Over the years I have learned a few things. One of them is that job searching is not a science – there are no set rules; times change and so do the trends and techniques for job searching. But there are a few basics I can share.

Today I am going to mention a few things that prevent an employer from giving you an interview.

  • Your resume doesn’t have enough detail. Employers are looking for specific tasks that you can perform. Some job seekers assume that if they mention a certain role at another company that the employer knows what they can do. But employers are not looking to make assumptions, they are trying to find people who have the skills and experience they are looking for in the most efficient way. So list the tools and equipment you have used, the computer programs you are familiar with, the training you have taken, and the projects you have completed. Details will get your resume the attention it deserves.
  • You have typos, short forms and slang on your resume. Employers, especially small and medium size business owners, are often not Human Resource professionals. They may judge a resume by if it is pleasing to look at, is well-organized and easy to read – and makes a good first impression. If your resume has a number of font styles, italics, bolded letters and bullets that don’t match, the employers may think that you do not care enough to take the time to make an excellent, well-planned resume. If you have added to your resume over the years and haven’t bothered to reorganize the resume to make it look professional, the employer may notice. Having another person proofread your resume is a good idea.
  • You have controversial or negative posts on your social media pages. If, after looking at your resume, the potential employer looks at your social media pages, they need to make a good impression.  While it is important to be yourself, during your job search may not be a good time to publish strong opinions or photos that make you look as if your lifestyle is not something the employer would approve of. Keep your privacy settings tight, and think twice about your posts.
  • You haven’t followed up with the employer. Sometimes employers get bogged down in the hiring process. Calls that were meant to be made aren’t. Decisions are put off. A quick follow up with the employer may make a difference as to whether they ask you for an interview. A phone call, “I submitted my resume and I was just wondering if you have had a chance to look at it yet”, or an email may just have the employer saying, “ Why don’t you come in and talk to me?”
  • Your contact information is incomplete. Sometimes people forget to make the necessary changes to their resumes when they change their address, email or telephone number. Maybe you have an email that you don’t look at regularly, or maybe you have a phone number on your resume that doesn’t have voice messaging set up.  Anything that is an inconvenience for the employer may make the difference between you getting the interview or not. Make sure all the contact information is complete, easy to understand and easy to use.

At Employment North we have skilled, professional Employment Specialists who can make sure your resume and your approach to the employer is as effective at it can be. We can proofread, make suggestions, and complete your resume so that you can make the very best impression. Our Specialists will assist you to set up job searching on your phone, advise you on when to make that follow up call, and help create cover letters and emails.

Don’t get frustrated. Employers get lots of resumes and determining who will be a good fit is not an easy job. Perhaps the employer didn’t state everything that they are looking for, or, in the end, they hired someone that they knew. Increase your chances of getting an interview by following these simple suggestions and applying for lots of positions.

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