* 8 Ways to Stay Healthy at Work

* 8 Ways to Stay Healthy at Work

My name is Janet Volpe and I have been working at Employment North for 16 years. Over the years I have learned a few things. One of them is that staying healthy at work is not always easy. Whether you work in customer service, in transportation, construction or in an office, the stresses around you can sometimes get the better of you. Here are a few ideas to keep you at your best:

1. Drink water. Make sure that you are drinking enough water throughout the work day. Many foods, such as fruits, can also provide a good source of water. You know that 2 o’clock slump? Well, that can sometimes be due to dehydration.

2. Eat a healthy lunch. Eating healthy options is an important part of a balanced diet, and eating balanced portions is an important part of your health. Try to avoid the high calorie snacks your co-workers and customers drop off. Having one once in a while won’t hurt anything, but day after day those calories add up and can add a few extra pounds before you know it.

3. Stretch. Make sure to take a few breaks throughout the day to stretch. For example, if you talk on the phone most of the day, take time to perform some simple neck stretches to decrease the risk of tightness and pain. Even if your job includes activity and heavy lifting, stretching can provide good support for your muscles.

4. Wear whatever Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required and/or suggested for your job. PPE may include hearing and eye protection, a helmet, respirator or face mask, safety gloves and good, comfortable work shoes. Some other needs may include a back-support belt, sun protection (hats and sunscreen), and steel toes in your work shoes.

5. Maintain a high level of personal hygiene. Good personal hygiene provides you with better health by preventing the spread of germs from any person to you. The simple act of brushing your teeth twice a day, washing your body, and wearing clean clothes and washing your hands regularly helps prevent illness and infection from bacteria or viruses. Keep your equipment clean as well.

6.  Manage stress. Unmanaged stress and depression could manifest and result in physical illnesses. Learning how to manage stress helps in boosting your physical and mental health. If you have concerns about your stress level and how it may be affecting your life, contact a professional or seek resources online. Yoga, massage, walks, and talks are simple ways to manage stress levels.

7. Be aware of ergonomics. The goal of ergonomics (the scientific study of people at work) is to prevent soft tissue injuries and musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) caused by sudden or sustained exposure to force, vibration, repetitive motion, and awkward posture. Adjusting your work, your motions, your positions at work to prevent injury are an important part of staying healthy. If you are uncomfortable at work, ask your employer if your work can be altered for long term benefit.

8. Take the breaks provided. Move away from your desk or your equipment. Take a short walk, eat a healthy snack, talk to a coworker. Taking a break from work increases focus when you return to work, thus improving your productivity. Additionally, taking breaks relieves some stress, which may help maintain mental health and well-being. These factors contribute to increased job satisfaction as well as health.

At Employment North, our Employment Specialists can assist you to remain healthy at work by making recommendations for your own personal wellness plan at work. Call us at 705 687-6350 or email info@employmentnorth.com