Xavier Lavalley

Recent Honour Role Graduate
  • Sundridge
  • December 15, 2023

My name is Xavier, I am 19 and I would like to go into the trades, at the time I am mainly looking for any work that may provide me with reliable income, it may sound easy but in this area the job market for young adults is quite difficult. If you are a potential employer and you’re looking to hire, I am never late, I’ve never taken a vacation and sometimes I’ve come in when my department was in crisis mode.

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Honours Degree @ Almaguin Highlands Secondary School
Aug 2019 — Jun 2023

I graduated with honours at AHSS with honours, received the Learning By Doing Bursery and finished a Specialist High Skills Major in health in wellness.


Chore Staff @ The Duquesne
Jul 2023 — Aug 2023

In the mornings I’d get up at 6:00am to help prepare breakfast for the guests and members of the club. I would make toast most days and serve, me and my co worker would stand and wait for them to finish before taking their plates.
Afternoons were when we had some free time though sometimes we would have to take some wood from a pile in the forest area, then bring it back over in a wheelbarrow. We would also clean out all the rooms and restock the coolers with ice. On fish fry days the chore staff got to make lunch well the cooks got a break, I had made everything from hot dogs to fried potatoes.
In the evening we would tackle dinner, the hardest part of the day, this was because we had to ask if they would like dessert as well, though it doesn’t seem like a big deal, it would add up to double the dishes and some nights we’d be done work at like 10pm. Come the next morning I’d be waking up at 6am again. It was hard work but I’ll never not miss it.

General Labourer @ Electric Ladies
Mar 2023 — Jun 2023

I worked with Rachelle practically everyday, she was a great person and a legendary electrician, watching and helping her work was sometimes daunting but there were times where she would just teach me life lessons besides the electrical stuff, taught me to sew. But on an average day we’d do something in her shop, usually clean it up and then get on the road. I’ve installed baseboards, LEDS, 2 gang switches, ceiling lamps, a radiator and even gave the client some great advice about saving money with electricity and electrical maintenance. This was a co op gig sadly, but Rachelle helped push me towards my goals.

Meat Clerk @ Sundridge Foodland
May 2021 — Jul 2023

In the mornings I’d stock the shelves with product and I would produce different meats through the recipes and ways taught to me by my supervisor, I would make different flavour sausage, grind up ground beef and slice up meat and veggies to make kabobs.

By night I would clean the meat room and its industrial machinery with chemical based substances, chlorinated cleaner and sanitizer after a rinse. I won’t brag but this came easy to me.

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