Summer Employment Opportunities Program

Summer Employment Opportunities are being offered through the Ontario Public Service.

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Application Deadline: Dependent upon Job Type
Hours of Work: Full Time
Wages: $15.50 - $16.35 per Hour *
Duties & Qualifications:
Duties & Qualifications: Consider a rewarding summer job with the Ontario Public Service!

Our Summer Employment Opportunities (SEO) program can help you develop new skills as you work with one of our ministries, provincial agencies, or community groups serving Ontarians across the province. Each year, we offer thousands of full-time positions for students and new graduates, with contracts ranging from 7-18 weeks between May and September.

Requirements: Applicants must meet all eligibility criteria to be considered for summer employment.

Student Status*
All summer jobs require you to have a “student” status. A student is defined as someone enrolled in a secondary or post-secondary institution (currently or for the fall semester) or has graduated within the past six months. If you graduated in December, you could apply for and start a summer student position in the Ontario Public Service up until June of the following year.
You must be a minimum of 15 years of age. Certain positions require you to be at least 18 years old. There is no maximum age limit for applying to summer student positions. You must meet the age requirements by the first day of employment.
Residency in Ontario
You must be living in the province of Ontario during the term of employment.
Work status – eligibility to work in Canada
You must be legally entitled to work in Canada. You are also required to have a valid Social Insurance Number (SIN) upon being hired. If you do not have a valid SIN and would like to obtain one, review the Government of Canada website (Opens in a new tab).
*You are required to indicate your student status and age in the online application form.

How to Apply: To apply for the Summer Employment Opportunities Program, you must submit one application for each student job you want to be considered for. There is no limit to the number of SEO jobs you can apply to.

Visit our Summer Employment Opportunities job board to submit an application
Select the Job Type you are interested in applying for
Complete the application form before the deadline
Click apply! You should then be redirected to the confirmation splash page to confirm your application was successfully received. At that time, you will be provided with a link to complete a brief application survey. Data collected in the survey helps identify opportunities to improve the program and address potential barriers in the recruitment process. Feedback provided in the survey is anonymous and will help contribute to our efforts to build a more diverse, inclusive, and accessible Ontario Public Service.

Mandatory: You must attach one document with your application. It is recommended you attach a cover letter and resume (maximum of 5 pages in PDF, Microsoft Word, Rich Text (.rtf) or Plain Text (.txt)) as it is a key screening tool used by managers. Demonstrate your skills and/or experience from your school, extracurricular activities and any work or volunteer experience.

Apply directly on Website:

Job Type: Full-Time
Advertising Method: General Ad

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