Site Supervisor

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Application Deadline: August 29, 2020
Wages: $75,000 - $95,000
Duties & Qualifications:

• Minimum 5 years experience as a construction site supervisor.
• Great communication skills both verbal and written.
• Having leadership personalities and skills.
• High school diploma.
• Basic computer skills.
• Must be polite, courteous, punctual.
• Valid working at height certificate.
• To have a management or supervision certificate or diploma.
• Having residential framing experience and skills (wood/steel) would be a bonus.
• Having concrete working/finishing (footing/foundation/slab) experience or skills is a bonus.


Thanks you for your interest in this position. We are a growing construction company, with very high standards, and we focus on quality, craftsmanship and customer service and we are looking for a team member to grow with us.
Job description for site supervisor:
• Supervising all workers, sub contractors and work activities on job site. • Must ba able to supervise 2 projects simultaneously.
• If needed drive to other job sites for supervision and/or work activities. • To schedule sub contractors based on written project schedule.
• Supervising the safety of the site, workers and subcontractors, based on guidelines and regulations of Ministry of Labor.
• Solve problems on site such as but not limited to, problems between workers and subcontractors and work hands-on as needed for fixing construction issues to ensure each aspect of the project is ready for the next.
• Proactively communicate between all stakeholders of the project, such as but not limited to owners, project managers, all workers, clients, subcontractors, city officials and vendors.
• Making sure that each sub contractor’s work is complete on time, up to quality standards and on budget, and ready for the next trade to commence their portion.
• Be responsible for quality control of highest standards.
• Making sure all required material for each portion of the project is ready and on site and if required place orders and make arrangements for delivery and/or pickup of the materials.
• To meet daily/weekly/monthly milestones of any given project.
• Completing site reports and report back to project manager as scheduled.
• Training of other workers and laborers in different tasks.
• Making sure that the job site is always clean, organized and safe.

Job Type: Full-Time
Advertising Method: General Ad

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