Registered ECE & Child Care Staff- Gravenhurst, Ontario

Employer Name: Stepping Stone Early Learning Acacdamey
Application Deadline: June 1st 2019
Phone: 705-955-7699
Hours of Work: Full time/40 hours per week Monday-Friday
Duties & Qualifications:
Stepping Stone Early Learning Academy Ltd. is a newly opening Early Learning Centre in Gravenhurst, ON. We are scheduled to open in June 2019.
We are seeking full-time Registered Early Childhood Educators who are members of the College of Early Childhood Educators. We are also seeking support staff on a full-time, part-time, and on-call basis.

As this is a new centre, the available positions provide an opportunity to help build and grow our curriculum. We are seeking individuals who are eager to participate in a program that excels beyond typical child care, with an emphasis on creative expression, exploration of the natural world, community involvement and constant growth and evolution of our programs in a child-directed environment.

Our centre boasts the largest capacity available in Gravenhurst, with access to nearby communities of Bala, Torrance, Port Carling, Severn Bridge, and Bracebridge. We seek to provide an environment where our Educators and staff participate as co-learners and co-discoverers with the children. Our staff will participate in Active professional development on an ongoing basis, collaborating with colleagues, parents, families and children to create a community hub that provides an environment where the children we care for, and the people who care for them can thrive.

We provide care to children from 18 months old – 12 years old. There are positions in the following age groups:
– preschool: 18 months – 4 years
– kindergarten: 4-6 years
– school aged: 6-12 years

Registered ECE Positions:

These are full time positions. The ideal applicants will have previous experience in Child Care Centres or other child care. The applicants for this position should:
– be eager to lead groups of children and direct support staff to ensure smooth transitions throughout our daily programming
– be contributors to establishing daily routines, activities, outdoor play, and fostering positive relationships with colleagues, families and children
– be capable of directing staff and monitoring daily hygienic & sanitary practices, and ensuring compliance with all policies by all staff

Support staff Positions:

There are full-time, part-time, and on-call positions available. The ideal applicants will have some ECE background or relevant experience in child care settings. The ideal applicants should:
– be capable of supervising children of all age groups in our facility
– be eager to follow direction and participate in active learning with and about children on an ongoing basis

Applicants in all positions must:
– be willing to change diapers when necessary
– be willing to assist children with use of toilets, self care, meal times, outdoor play, dressing
– have a calm composure and the capability to assist children in resolving conflicts or easing stress when necessary
– be capable of lifting or carrying children when necessary
– be active and eager to engage in play
– maintain hygienic and sanitary practices at all times
– be comfortable with preparing & serving meals, snacks and beverages
– follow all policies and practices at all times
– provide criminal reference and vulnerable sector checks

How To Apply:
Please email Resume & Coverletter to or contact Anya by phone at 705-955-7669
Job Type: Full-Time
Full Time Hours Per Week: 40
Advertising Method: General Ad

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Stepping Stone Early Learning Academy Ltd. is looking to hire Registered ECE & Child Care Staff in Gravenhurst, Ontario