Material Handler – Gravenhurst

A production plant in Gravenhurst is seeking Full time year round Material Handler.

For more about this job please call 1-800-461-5541

Application Deadline: open
Hours of Work: 40
Wages: $20.00/hr
Duties & Qualifications:

Material Handlers are responsible for ensuring the required materials for each line are drawn from appropriate locations and set up, monitored, and made available throughout the production period or shift.


• Knows and understands the material requirements (i.e. colorant, cable, tape, etc.) for each product being produced during the assigned shift
• Reviews the manufacturing order at the beginning of each shift to determine what materials are required
• Notifies Line Operator or Supervisor of any off standard situations
• Material Handling:
o Drawing of Material – If material is not located in the staging area behind the lines and the Material Handler is not familiar with where the item is otherwise kept, request assistance from the Line Operator or Supervisor
o Staging Material – Required materials need to be placed in the staging area or nearby so that it is available as needed
o Set-up of Materials – Materials will be set-up as per Supervisor’s instruction.
• Resin Delivery System
o Ensures the system is set-up in accordance with Supervisor’s instructions
o Monitors the system to ensure proper levels of resin are made available on each line
o Makes-up resin/regrind mix as required
o Probes all regrind gaylords for metallic contamination and reports all contaminated material to Supervisor or Line Operator
o Monitors mixers to ensure proper setting/operation
o Cleans all filters as required
o Maintains appropriate levels of color mix for color feeders and stripers. Monitors feeders and stripers for proper setting/operation
o Sets up regrind gaylords for mixing
• Process/Equipment Monitoring
o Knows and understands the operation of pull-line feed equipment. Maintains the proper tape in products requiring pull-line. Maintains proper cable in products requiring cable in duct. Makes minor repairs to feed equipment, such as tightening loose rolls, adjusting feed rate to maintain proper tension, etc.
o Pulls tape onto floor, if tape feeders are not available, to ensure that any obstructions are removed from the tape path
o Monitors water level and temperature
o Sets up and monitors air rings as required
o Monitors and maintains all lubrication equipment ensuring proper levels of
lubricant are being dispersed. Makes minor repairs to equipment such as
replacement of lube wands, cleaning filter, etc.
• Disposal of Waste/Clean Up
o Puts floor dry in designated containers only
o Puts floor sweep in gaylords marked “FLOOR SWEEP ONLY” (No blobs or floor dry)
o Puts trash in trash containers
o Empties cable reels – disposes of as instructed by Supervisor
o Keeps floor clean on a continuous basis to reduce risk of injury and follows safety
• Maintains a neat and orderly work area
• Follows all safety requirements for the position and all company safety guidelines
• Completes appropriate paperwork to ensure accurate inventory transactions
• Performs any other duties as assigned by supervisor

• Manufacturing floor environment
• May include outside conditions on top of railcars or silos in all types of weather


• Reading, writing, and mathematical competency testing required
• Ability to read instructions for material requirements and specifications
• Valid lift truck/forklift license for designated associates
• Possess a working knowledge of the resin system
• Knows and understands part numbers for all material requirements

• Ability to lift 50 pounds with or without reasonable assistance
• Ability to climb ladders, listen to equipment, look for defects in product and a
ability to sense for temperature changes in the finished product
• Ability to hold conduit and drive nails into reel flanges simultaneously
• Ability to spend up to 12 hours a shift on your feet around hot machinery
• Ability to move from one area to another by stepping over and/or bending under

Job Type: Full-Time
Full Time Hours Per Week: 40
Advertising Method: General Ad

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