Food Service Steward

Northern Edge Algonquin is hiring a Food Service Steward in Algonquin Park/South River!

How to Apply: Please send a resume and 2-3 references. to:

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Wages: $17 - $19 per hour
Duties & Qualifications:
The hospitality and food service team at the Edge contribute towards renowned small-group buffet-style meals that are crafted with care with a focus on local ingredients, and made to meet a wide variety of dietary needs, as well as the production of take-home food products for sale in our gift shop. You’ll be responsible for food shop, prep, organisation, maintaining a clean & safe kitchen environment and following health and sanitization standards..
This job is a fantastic growing opportunity for those interested in local & sustainable cookery. Learn about our commitment to sourcing bio-regional food, balancing this with guests’ dietary needs at The Edge boasts a beautiful, extremely organized industrial-family-style kitchen with a positive work environment. We regularly produce 3 meals a day for 4-5 day stretches, then take a short break before the next group.
Every role at the Edge is an opportunity to experience mentorship and work in an environment of transformational leadership and regenerative, sustainable tourism, with room to grow the role into one that uniquely suits the individual.

Learning Opportunities:
● Learn how to create reciprocal relationships with local farmers & others in the food service industry.
● Develop your capacity to create meals that meet a wide variety of dietary preferences with excellence.
● Learn how to focus a menu creatively around what is available locally, what is fresh & seasonal.
● Room to engage your own passions & explore new ideas.
● Perform the food shop, transportation & organization of ingredients.
● Meal Service: Preparation, Cooking, Serving, and Cleanup.
● Food Production: Preparation, Packing, Storage of food items for retail sale.
● Maintaining Food Safety and Handling of food for safe consumption as stipulated in the
Health Code.
● Ensure the efficient use of food and other materials.
● Maintain cleanliness of serving/preparation items, food service equipment & tools
through proper cleaning and sanitizing procedures.
● Operate food service equipment.
● Maintain inventory of bulk ingredients through regular repacking & stocking.
● Maintain a clean workspace, including the areas such as the Dining Hall, Kitchen,
Pantry, and Cellar.
● Follow appropriate guidelines for composting & waste disposal.
● Manage & maintain our food depot in South River.
● Submit & receive orders with the Ontario Natural Food Co-op and other suppliers.
● Research & explore new local products & possibilities.
● Assist with the delivery of experiential cooking workshops with a mind for safety & high
quality standard.
● Report maintenance issues and damaged items.
● Perform any other job related duties as assigned.
● Participate in team meetings as required.
● Maintain a positive and professional decorum at all times.
● Work with our team, doing what needs to be done to ensure the safety & seamless
experience of guests.
● Role includes possibilities of indoor and outdoor work, repetitive tasks, occasionally
handling heavy loads, and performing tasks with attention to detail.

What we’re looking for:
● A strong mission of service.
● Proven cooking ability. Previous commercial cooking experience and food-safe certification is an asset. Culinary skills with chef training certificate or culinary management diploma a big asset.
● Basic knowledge of, and practical experience in fundamental cooking methods and techniques such as braising, grilling, roasting, poaching, steaming, smoking, stock and soup preparation, fundamentals of hot and cold sauce cookery.
● Able to work Wednesday – Sunday most weeks. Weekend work is a necessity.
● Ability to multi-task and organize time effectively and efficiently.
● Ability to meet the physical demands of the position.
● Reliable transportation to and from our off-the-grid location is required.
● Self-initiative: identifying & resolving upcoming tasks and other needs with independence and ability to self-manage.
● Ability to multi-task, organizing time effectively and coordinating tasks so they are completed efficiently.
● Dependability when working with minimal supervision, and strong collaboration skills when working with a team.
● Team player: a willingness to assist co-workers with tasks, recognising a shared responsibility to co-create positive guest experiences.
● An empathic approach to your work, both with internal team and visitors.
● Flexibility, Adaptability, Resiliency.
Job Type: Full-Time
Full Time Hours Per Week: 40
Part Time Hours Per Week: 25
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