An Employer in Almaguin is looking to hire an Economic Development Officer

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Application Deadline: OCT/30/2020
Wages: $27.56 to $34.45/hr (Three year term)
Duties & Qualifications:

The Economic Development Officer works closely with the Director of Economic Development to provide a range of economic development services that promote economic growth and sustainability throughout the Almaguin Highlands Region. This position is an integral role within the Almaguin Community Economic Development (ACED) department that is responsible for planning, delivering, supporting and monitoring action items and initiatives that have been established in annual work plans. The Economic Development Officer reports to the Director of Economic Development.


  1. Assists in the implementation of various economic development projects and activities.


  1. Undertakes analysis and evaluation of economic and business development opportunities and identifies strategies to develop these opportunities.


  1. Assists in securing funding for economic development activities and programs.


  1. Works with the Chamber of Commerce and other economic development organizations.


  1. Assists in the development and management of programs and services to improve the business environment in the community.


  1. Contact for business and investor inquiries and liaison with the local business community, industry and government agencies.


  1. Promotes local opportunities and identifies valuable commercial and industrial lands and assist businesses and investor prospects to view these properties.


  1. Assists in the development of promotional and marketing tools and community building events to attract new businesses and new residents to the municipality.


  1. Assists in the development of resources to support, implement, and monitor effective marketing strategies. Assists in the preparation, compilation and distribution of the agenda for economic development meetings.


  1. Attends ACEDDB meetings, Council meetings and other committee meetings, as required.


  1. Maintains an awareness of regional, provincial and federal economic planning programs and activities.


  1. Assists in developing and maintaining active contact with other business and economic development organizations, and government agencies in order to stay abreast of current programs and services and ensure that the regional interests are served.
  2. May be required to attend and facilitates community meetings to provide information and updates to the public at large. Conducts research, analysis, planning, and evaluation for the department. Assists in the development, implementation and maintenance of departmental policies, procedures and standards to ensure compliance with all related regulations and legislation.


  1. College degree in Commerce, Economics or a related field and/or certification as a Professional Economic Developer;
  2. Economic Development Certificate is an asset;
  3. Working experience in Economic Development, marketing, and public relations; will require between one and two years of on the job training.
  4. Experience in a computerized environment with a working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, WordPerfect, Outlook and the internet as well as various software programs associated with a municipality, i.e. CGIS


  1. Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills and ability to relate to elected officials, peers, superiors and the public in a professional manner.


  1. Required to work under pressure within severe time constraints maintaining a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail.
  2. Required to perform duties outside normal working hours by attending meetings, training and special meetings, as required.
  3. Ability to work positively with others in a team environment.
  4. Preference will be given to applicants with 5 or more years of relevant experience in local government; and
  5. A valid driver’s license.

Independence of Action

Some degree of independence of action is associated with this position and good judgment and discretion are required. The incumbent is expected to adapt established methods and procedures. Work involves a choice of methods or procedures.

Mental Effort

Variety of duties with frequent interruptions. Work is varied and requires frequent shifting from one task to another. Mental, visual and /or aural concentration is required when entering data, preparing reports, responding to requests, etc.

Physical Effort

Work is conducted in an office environment, travelling off-site and as needed for meetings and events and may be required to work outside regular business hours.


The coordination of fine motor skills is required when operating office and radio broadcasting equipment. i.e. computer, photocopier, shredder, telephone, fax machine, etc.


Actions could result in some loss of time or resources or cause some embarrassment within the organization and have some impact on its public image.

Safety of Others

The degree of care required is typical of a general office setting.


This position may require the incumbent to assume some of the normal supervisory responsibilities over others.


The job involves frequent dealings with the public, developers, new business owners, committees, etc..

to settle requests and provide and clarify information.

Working Conditions

Work may involve dealing with difficult individuals and includes occasional exposure to rudeness or profanity. The position is subject to deadlines. Required to attend at meetings etc. outside of regular working hours.



Job Type: Full-Time
Advertising Method: General Ad

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