Contract Employee -Administrative Assistant

Gravenhurst Seniors Citizen Club is hiring a Contract Employee -Administrative Assistant!

The Administrative Assistant assists with incoming and outgoing communications at the Seniors Club. The position deals with records, prepares reports, bulletins, and assists various Club personnel in the day-to-day operations and special projects as they arise. The Administrative Assistant prepares and inputs all reports to Ontario Health (formerly L.H.I.N.)

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Duties & Qualifications:

General Duties
1. Assist the president, directors and activity leaders as required.
2. Respond to telephone calls, correspondence and other information inquiries by preparing letters, reports and lists, as required.
3. Control administrative office files and records
4. Coordinate building/space rentals and after hour use and prepare contracts, mark the event and date on the activity calendar and advise the Custodian of set-up requirements for rentals.
5. Maintain a record of volunteer hours for regular activities.
6. Coordinate supervision of ad-hoc events when needed.
7. Make available Club information to prospective members and other interested parties.
Day to Day Financial Duties
1. Cheque preparation to pay approved invoices.
2. Cheque and cash deposits for payments to the Club or revenues earned by various Club
sub-units or volunteer groups.
3. Control all approved payments to outside fee-for-service contract persons

How to Apply: 

Send resume to Ellen Camm <>

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