Camp Chef

An employer in Algonquin Park is looking to hire a Camp Chef

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Hours of Work: 40-44 hours per week
Wages: $1,000 - !,200 per week, per experience
Duties & Qualifications:
The Pathfinder Chef is in charge of the food service program, and directs the camp’s daily meal services and kitchen staff. The chef position requires prior experience in charge of a summer camp food service program.


• Head chef and lead cook, including special diets per needs of the population.
• Responsible for the management of the day to day kitchen operation.
• Supervise a team with cooks, baker, and assistants for daily meal service.
• Responsible for planning, purchasing and maintaining inventory for food and dry good items for food service, both in-camp and for a canoe tripping program.
• Responsible to monitor and control food costs within the annual budget determined with the Camp Director.
• Create the camp menu in partnership with the Camp Director.
• Work with Director and tripping directors to sustain trip food program.
• Ensure proper staffing for annual program of camp sessions and special events.
• Provide necessary follow through for rebates, incentives and discounts.
• Create/execute training program for advancing junior kitchen staff members.
• Schedule work hours and time off, assign daily duties, maintain excellent health and hygiene practices and enforce worker safety policies and best practices.



• Prior experience in charge of a summer camp food service program or equivalent.
• 3+ years’ experience lead-cooking in summer camp setting or specific equivalent.
• Extensive knowledge of menu planning, food buying and inventory control.
• Knowledge and experience with canoe trip food, menus, and outfitting.
• Excellent communication and staff management skills.
• Secondary School Completion required.
• Culinary education qualifications or certification required
• Cuisine specialties: Canadian, Italian, Mexican, Vegetarian, special diets, etc.

Job Type: Seasonal
Advertising Method: General Ad

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