Administrative Services Assistant

Beaver Creek Institution, Correctional Service of Canada, Gravenhurst location is hiring an Administrative Services Assistant.

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Duties & Qualifications:

Client Service Results – Résultats axés sur le service à la clientèle
Provision of support services in the areas of office administration, records and file management, reception, mail, telecommunication, supplies and equipment to an institution of the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC).

Key Activities – Activités principales
Provides administrative support services, such as: performing receptionist duties; preparing incoming and outgoing mail; document control and tracking; message and reception services; photocopying, fax services and courier services; responding to Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) requests by gathering information from relevant sources; researching information, verifying, compiling, consolidating and preparing various documents and reporting for the supervisor; and creating, maintaining and updating various electronic and manual logs.
Provides document and records management support services, such as: creating new files/volumes of existing files; classifying documents; inputting and sorting information in the administrative and offender records; maintaining offender and administrative records; preparing and forwarding files; controlling the loan of records; tracing, recalling or retrieving files; identifying and preparing files for archiving; maintaining and tracking sub-registry files.
Provides supplies (including forms) and equipment services for the institution, such as; identifying and consolidating the institutional requirements; researching standing offers; contacting and discussing supplies requirements with service providers; recommending purchases; receiving, verifying, issuing and maintaining adequate stock levels, and ensuring their proper storage; and by confirming that the services have been rendered.
Arranges for the service and repair of office and telecommunication equipment for the institution, including office photocopiers, printers, and facsimile machines; escorts service providers throughout the institution; confirms that the repairs have been performed.
Coordinates, processes and/or prepares a variety of service/action requests (related to such activities as: Offender Complaints, Grievances, Claims against the Crown and translation).
Maintains and updates on a daily basis, the inmate telephone control system; inputs, controls, extracts and forwards to various internal stakeholders the information originating from the system.
Coordinates and verifies that all file banks and pockets of information held on offenders who have been granted Pardons are handled and managed of as required by law.
The incumbent of the position has Peace Officer Status.

Skill – Habiletés
The work requires knowledge of:
• The administrative practices, procedures, techniques and methodologies pertaining to such activities as: office management, maintaining and distributing supplies and equipment, BF Systems, tracking the status of information related to specific actions or decisions, preparing and distributing mail and correspondence, and recording, transcribing and distributing various documents.
• Records management procedures, such as: records classification, records indexing, records cross-referencing, security classification and office procedures to facilitate the secure handling, storage and retrieval of classified information, conduct disposal/archival exercises and respond to inquiries by clients. Knowledge is also required to conduct quality control inspections on the information holdings/records to ensure clients are using these documents in accordance with government regulations and legislation, departmental security guidelines and records management procedures.
• Analytical and problem-solving skills to recognize problems and situations that require intervention and recommend solutions to the staff or supervisor. Planning and prioritizing techniques are also required to deal with multiple priorities, heavy schedules and tight deadlines.
• Supplies management and financial processes and procedures to provide services to the supervisor, and to recommend appropriate courses of action.
• Postal and carrier procedures to process incoming and outgoing mail for the facility.
• The operation of the telecommunications system including employee and offender telephones to conduct day-to-day operations and maintenance and to arrange telecommunication repairs.
• The security procedures for handling, storage and disposal of classified/sensitive material and an understanding of the security practices as an employee in a federal correctional institution to prevent an illegal release of information.
• The Mission, corporate objectives, mandate, roles, responsibilities, programs, operations and processes of the Correctional Service of Canada, and more specifically as it relates to the institution to understand the work, to recommend improvements to processes, and to contribute to the work unit’s overall performance.
• The relevant portions of Acts, regulations, policies, and directives, such as: the Treasury Board regulations, the Code of Conduct and Discipline, the Information Classification and Scheduling Plan, the Records Management Policy, the Financial Coding Manual, the Corrections and Conditional Release Act (CCRA) and Corrections and Conditional Release Regulations (CCRR), parts of the Labour Code, WHMIS, Fire regulations, Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) and the Commissioner’s Directives. Knowledge is also required of the Departmental Security Procedures Manual; and the offender redress system to process inmate complaints and grievances and Claims Administration system to process Claims against the Crown.
• The grammar, spelling and syntax rules in order to prepare correspondence and various reports, and correct the errors of others. Knowledge of methods for drafting and formatting documents is also required.
• Automated systems and keyboarding techniques to input, access, retrieve and manipulate data and correspondence. The automated systems include, but are not limited to: word processing systems, spreadsheets, electronic mail and the Offender Management System (OMS), the Integrated Financial and Material Management System (IFMMS) and the Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS). Dexterity and coordination are required to use a computer on a daily basis to prepare correspondence and input data. Knowledge of the operation of various office equipment, including photocopier, facsimile, shredder, postal equipment, telephone and printing machine.
• The security practices within a federal correctional facility to conduct monthly searches of the work area.
Reading and comprehension skills are required to understand documents from a variety of sources on multiple issues with varying levels of complexity such as administrative policies, offender requests, written instructions, staff communiqués and other incoming correspondence. Skills are also required to listen to and understand questions from visitors and staff members, outside interveners, offenders and their family members, the public, in order to respond or refer them to others.
Verbal skills are required in order to respond to telephone inquires as simply and clearly as possible to provide accurate information to callers or to redirect the requests. Verbal and written skills are also required to follow-up and exchange details on file or requests with such stakeholders as external sources, RHQ, institutions, and parole offices.

Effort – Efforts
Effort is required to:
• Read and review correspondence to determine the appropriate course of action. The correspondence may require immediate action, including the creation of a BF to ensure deadlines are met. Difficulty related to the mental effort lies in analyzing and identifying priorities, verifying data in various documents, responding to queries with statutory time limits and meeting tight deadlines.
• Read and classify correspondence to determine the subject and the appropriate file classification number; to determine if previous correspondence has been received and whether the subject should be cross-referenced. In case of complex inquiries, it is necessary to inform the user of related files or background information which may enable the user to act appropriately. Work related to information retrieval is always performed under pressure from staff who normally wait for information/files. This work is also conducted amidst interruptions from the telephone and requests from concurrent clients.
• Research suppliers, costs and quantities when ordering supplies and/or arranging for repairs to ensure appropriate purchases. This work involves research, contacting originator and/or manager, returning requests and correction of information to meet departmental requirements. This work is undertaken while dealing with constant distractions from staff, managers, clients and telephones while providing services to a variety of stakeholders with conflicting priorities.
• Process incoming mail and to determine the appropriate person or department to which it is to be directed. It is also essential that the classification of the mail be closely adhered to with a view to regulations in order to prevent mail being opened inappropriately. Mail must be processed in a timely fashion. Distractions and interruptions include numerous telephone calls and in-person requests/pick-ups.
• Process outgoing mail to ensure that postage and packaging are correct and bills of lading are competed appropriately. Mail must be processed in a timely fashion. Distractions and interruptions include numerous telephone calls and in-person requests/pick-ups.
• Address and direct telephone inquiries to the appropriate sections within the facility. Sustained attention is required in receiving, responding to and directing telephone calls to ensure that calls are always answered and responded to promptly or directed to the appropriate destination. The situation is often exacerbated by problems arising amidst numerous interruptions. It is essential that the incumbent have a knowledge of what information cannot be released to requesting clients under the law.
• Research information and verify accuracy and completeness of reports, invoices and telephone listings. The work is performed while dealing with constant distractions, telephones calls and interruptions from clients.
• Address and process Access to Information and Privacy and Inmate Grievance and Complaints requests. This effort is required to verify the information being requested and direct it to the appropriate information source or process. This work is performed under pressure to comply with established timeframes.
Managing files and processing mail requires standing for prolonged periods; filing and/or sorting mail requires bending and stretching on a daily basis to meet client demands; and packing and unpacking boxes and putting away materials for storage requires lifting, carrying, bending and stretching for intermittent periods on a daily basis.
Responsibility – Responsabilités
Reviews, reconciles, resolves any inconsistencies with invoices, and processes for payment all accounts payable which pertain to the services obtained through the Administrative Services; compiles information and provides reports to the supervisor.
Provides financial input to the supervisor to assist with cash forecasts and budget requirements.
Researches and negotiates with suppliers, costs, availability and terms to ensure that goods purchased are the best value within budget constraints.
Prepares information packages for the offender Grievance Committee hearings to assist them in making informed recommendations to the Institutional Head.
Compiles, collates, prepares and distributes telephone directories for the facility.
Monitors the offender cleaner, the mailrunner and the offender grievance clerk, documenting both positive and negative situations. Reports work performance of offender(s) to the appropriate supervisor.
Demonstrates or explains administrative work practices and procedures to new and existing staff, temporary help employees, students, visitors and contract workers within Administrative Services’ section.

Working Conditions – Conditions de travail
The work is performed in an open office environment involving lack of privacy, noise, frequent interruptions such as phone calls, e-mails requests for immediate service, and answering colleagues’ questions, requirement to deal with imposed deadlines, multiple and conflicting demands for services and information, heavy and unpredictable workload and politically sensitive issues associated with the activities of the Administrative Services.
The work is performed in a federal correctional facility where there is a need to deal occasionally with crisis situations which creates an atmosphere of high tension, disrupts work routines and requires swift response to multiple demands. There is also discomfort in working in a security environment where access, movement and exit is controlled by security gates/doors.
The work requires using a computer for several hours a day, resulting in eye and back fatigue and discomfort due to the glare from the screen. There is also exposure to repetitive physical motion when keyboarding and using a mouse during long periods of accessing and processing computerized data.
There is a requirement to lift and carry heavy boxes of supplies and equipment, which increases the risk of strained muscles and back pains.
The incumbent works in a federal correctional facility. Daily contact with offenders known to have the potential for violent or threatening behaviours and at high risk to communicable diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis. The incumbent has no control over the frequency or duration of the interactions with offenders.


Essential Qualifications:


A secondary school diploma or an acceptable combination of education, training and/or experience


Experience* providing administrative or clerical support services in an office environment

Experience in the use of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel

*Defined as the depth and breadth of experience normally associated with the performance of the duties, on a continuous basis, over a period of approximately 3 months, within the last 5 years, including any work placements.


Ability to organize and prioritize work effectively

Ability to communicate effective orally

Ability to communicate effectively in writing


Demonstrating integrity and respect

Working effectively with others

Thinking things through

Showing initiative and being action oriented

Official Language proficiency: Insert per process – English Essential / Bilingual BBB or Bilingual CBC

Asset Qualifications:


Post-secondary education in a field related to the duties of the position


Experience providing clerical/administrative support services to management, such as managing an electronic inbox, managing an electronic calendar, arranging conference calls, and/or arranging video conferencing

 Experience preparing meeting minutes

Experience preparing correspondence and reports

Experience arranging work-related travel in the Federal Public Service

Experience researching, extracting and compiling information from various sources

Experience working in a correctional environment

Experience providing administrative support in a health care setting

Experience with Access to Information and Privacy policies and legislation

Experience using the Offender Management System (OMS)

Experience using Integrated Financial and Material Management System (IFMMS)

Experience using an electronic records management system, such as OpenText or GCDocs


Knowledge of safe lifting techniques

Organizational Needs:

Increased representation of Employment Equity (EE) groups:
Achieving a representative workforce has been identified an Organizational Need and may be applied in this appointment process. Applicants must complete the Employment Equity portion of the CREATE/MAINTAIN PROFILE identifying themselves as a person of an EE group in their application through Government of Canada jobs in order to be considered to meet the Organizational Need in this process. EE groups are defined as persons idenfiying as Visible Minority, Aboriginal, Woman, Person with a disability.

Operational Requirements:

Willingness and ability to lift up to 15 kilograms, as required

 Conditions of Employment:

Reliability Clearance or Secret Clearance.


How to Apply:

Please send resume and cover letter to


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